My garage, Hope Valley RI - 2004
"Pop Art"

Canvas Prints of my mom, dad, and my cat Skeeter

My drawing won the yearbook cover contest when I was 12.
80's Tee from my Grandpa's Drugstore "Mr. B's" - it was located where East Ferry Deli is now.
another yearbook cover drawing- back then, we were "The Warriors".

I won the Tee Shirt Design Contest in 1985
I still have my first Macintosh (I paid $500 for it "used" in 1989).

(Hal 9000)

10 x 10 Gallery Stretched Canvas of the '79 CJ7 I bought when I graduated college (1995).

It's really nice to at least have a canvas of it.

I found a sketch I did for Grandma "B" for her birthday.
"A Picnic at Beavertail" acrilyc on Arches Cotton Rag 16 x 32"
"Hot Taco"

drawing on my new Wacom tablet in Adobe Photoshop - 1997

My Man Cave in 1997 - in the garage behind the little green cottage I lived in- 20 Hazard Street, Wakefield RI

It featured a Power Mac G3 with a 19" Raster Ops Monitor, MacOS8, a Wacom tablet and a 500 Megabyte external (SCSI) "Skuzy" drive,

Photoshop 4.0 and AOL - roflmao

Graphic Design Sample- Logo Design
dave original art- pocket knife- acrilyc on Arches Cotton Rag 30 x 40"
Graphic Design Sample
year 1
year 2
"Wasted Youth" dave original art - 48 x 48" Acrilyc on Canvas

I painted it one pixel at a time.

"Tijuana Dandelion"
Man Cave / Graphics & Printing Workshop - Hope Valley, RI
An istallation for one my favorite "Creatives" and patron of the arts, Jane Shanley, at The Pondview Racquet Club
I never finished this " Broken Tractor " painting. My artist friend, Audrey Heard encouraged me not to touch it.
Graphic Design Sample - Flash Based Programing - AudreyHeard.com Demo
Graphic Design Sample - Logo for Hale House, Matunuck, Rhode Island
Interior large format gallery stretched canvases. Installed to block the south-facing Sun, while giving customers a glimps of what's inside.

Wakefield Liquors 2010

Graphic Design Example- Local TV Ad - Logo Design, Flash Animation, Sound
Graphic Design Sample- Logo Design
Graphic Design Sample- Logo Design
The other side of my Man Cave - Hope Valley RI

I built the staircase going up into the loft. Shout out to my friend, Mike Jarvis for giving me a hand.

Graphic Design Sample

Eddie Vazquez was on the Steering Committee that hired me for this logo design job.

Retail space in Stonnington CT. Customers would come in with photos for me to scan, or email their smart phone photos...

I would import them into Adobe Photoshop, and customers would be the "Art Director" as I made impovements and optimizations.

Next, we would pick out what size canvas to build.

"See you next Saturday..."

Graphic Design Sample - Logo Design
I had a T-rex in front of my shop peeking out from the top...
Graphic Design Sample
Backroom Workshop for my Retail Space- frame building area
Graphic Design Sample- Logo Design
Outside wall of my studio
ArtPrint Easel Kit. Ad Specialty Product I came up with, putting to use of the scraps I yeild from building canvas stretcher bars.

Self Challenge- Practice in bringing an idea all the way into fruition. This is the prototype.

Back room workshop (frame building area)

The Velvet Mill, Stonington CT

Graphic Design Sample- Logo Design
( a work in progress...)